Paul W. Smith  0:00  

Honest to goodness  I’ve been doing this for a long, long time. I don’t remember a guest that I was having on that I heard more positive things about before having him on. It’s, it’s as if he has his own fan club. And these people who are telling me about him, love him. He’s a young entrepreneur, inspirational speaker based in Grosse Pointe. He’s a graduate of high point University, North Carolina. Also, an experienced mountaineer extreme skier boater hunter car lover adventurer, who’s made it his life mission to encourage people to untether from natural or self-imposed limitations and live full passionate lives. Well, what gives him the opportunity or even the right to talk this way in his book, untether inspiration for living free and strong no matter what the challenge what here’s what he was supposed to die, he was dealt a bad hand at birth. But JT Mestdagh did not allow that to stop him from achieving a lot. So I for that alone, I salute you, JT, thank you so much. And in your book, the new book that is just out. You thank a lot of people starting with God?

JT Mestdagh  1:12  

Yes, yes, the book really embraces all the people in my life that have, you know, given me the opportunity to succeed. And, a God has been a huge part of that throughout my life. And, you know, in the hardest times has been the one to look to.

Paul W. Smith  1:30  

And people who’ve had their own life challenges like my friend, John, he, he sent me notes. He said he was sending me a short note about you look how long short notice, I mean, it can’t stop saying all these good things about you. And here’s a guy who faced his own life challenges. And yet he speaks so highly of you. And everybody that’s talked to me about you has, and there’s a there’s, they’re good stories, and there are terrible stories in your life.

Paul W. Smith  1:58  

But none of them have held you back.

JT Mestdagh  2:00  

No, and I guess, you know, throughout my life, those very challenging moments and times, and looking to God to get me through those has, you know, allowed me to enjoy all the moments of my life

Paul W. Smith  2:12  

in I think it was like fourth grade Weren’t you sent home, and then they say to you as a fourth grader, you’re never going to make it here.  Ugh Because you have dyslexia so severely, you couldn’t read you couldn’t do anything. They said That’s right, go on home, there’s nothing we can do for you. Isn’t that what they said? That is and a lot to say in fourth grader,

JT Mestdagh  2:32  

it is and in, and you know, with that I, you know, I found success in the reading world and dyslexia and overcoming dyslexia and, you know, found great success there.

Paul W. Smith  2:45  

And they made some changes at that school. And now I’ll say what school it was Liggett which is very well known and highly regarded in Grosse Pointe, and you came back as a ninth grader,

JT Mestdagh 2:54  

yes. And, and came back there and succeeded and a

Paul W. Smith  2:59  

You watched your fellow students receiving awards won awards day, and you knew you weren’t going to get an award because you weren’t doing award-winning work in school. And yet, they called your name and you went to the stage. Tell me about is it to one kid,

JT Mestdagh 3:17  

yes, the tier one kid award which, you know, it’s a someone who exemplifies a great deal of,  you know, happiness and joy throughout the community. And, and, and with that, it was a great award to receive, and I was very thankful and, and that school, you know, has brought me so much success in, in those challenges there, and the amazing teachers that had, you know, pushed me to succeed and, and taking me to the next level, and, and gotten me through, you know, the challenging times of reading and writing and, and showing me things that would, you know, help me in the future and, and really, you know, allowed me to go to college and persevere there and, and succeed at high point University. And that’s where I graduated from,

Paul W. Smith  4:05  

and you have a smile on your face most of the time, and I think you carry around a great deal of gratitude, JT,

JT Mestdagh 4:12  

I do and, and I’m very thankful for you to know, just all the people in my life that have shown me you know, how to enjoy life and how to, you know, reach your goals?

Paul W. Smith 4:27  

Are you out of the woods now, health-wise, are you okay?

JT Mestdagh  4:28  

So health-wise, is it is the sort of constant upkeep and maintenance and making sure everything is going well. And we’re very fortunate to have great doctors at the Denver Children’s Hospital and other hospitals around the country. And those doctors have really given me a great quality of life. And that quality of life has allowed me to do the adventures that my book talks about.

Paul W. Smith  4:55  

And there are a lot of them. inspiration for living free and strong no matter what the challenge on Untether is the name of the book available at all the usual places where you get a good book like this.

JT Mestdagh  5:06  

Yes, so it’s available on Amazon right now. And eventually, we’d love to start to enter into the bookstore world. And so it’s available in paperback, e copy, as well as a hardcover as of last week. And one of the most important things that I really wanted while taking on this book journey was to, to have an audible version of it to allow the dyslexic world to or people with challenges in the reading world to, to be able to hear my book. And that’s, you know, one of the main ways that I have been able to enjoy many great books and with that, I wanted to make sure my book was on Audible as well.

Paul W. Smith  5:51  

And in fact, much of the money goes to your foundation, which helps people with all of those issues.

JT Mestdagh  5:58  

Yes, correct. And so my foundation is a 501 c three, and with that we have sort of started off running here with the book and we look to the goal is to really have an impact in the medical world and, and for children and children’s hospitals. And then with that, the dyslexia and education piece as well.

Paul W. Smith  6:22  

And the overall message you want to be sure people take away from your book?

JT Mestdagh  6:26  

my overall message is, is just, you know, whatever the challenges is to be able to overcome it and, and, you know, push on to your, your opportunities and, and one message, just really, you know, hope that it reaches at least one person’s life.

Paul W. Smith  6:45  

If you think you’re having a bad day, my friends, if you think that nobody understands how bad things are for you, read about JT’s life. And how many surgeries Did you have?

JT Mestdagh  6:58  

I’ve had about 16 operations throughout my life.

Paul W. Smith 7:01  

And you’re very young still. So you’ve had a lot of surgery, you’ve had a lot of situations where people would say, well, there’s nothing we can do. It’s over. And nobody ever said that and you never accepted that. And there are so many lessons in this untether inspiration for living free and strong no matter what the challenge by our guest and Michigan zone and gross point zone JT Mestdagh and your mom and dad are here. They couldn’t be more proud.

JT Mestdagh  7:32  

Well, thank you, and thank you so much.

Paul W. Smith  7:36  

As are we so proud

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