With Mount Kilimanjaro right around the corner Ladi, Martina and I headed to the tallest mountain in Colorado Mt. Elbert.  We started are hike a little later today so that we could make it up for the evening to spend the night at a elevation of 14,439 ft.  When we arrived at tree line Ladi had a mission to fill his Deer tag for the season before it expires.  So he went on his way to hunt.  Martina and I continued to the top of the mountain which took us into the evening hours. It was a beautiful night with a clear sky and if you look to one side you could see a bright glow of the sun set and directly to the other was a moon that lit the way for us to the summit.  We came across many false peaks which can be kinda discouraging.  The last false peak we came upon looked to be so far away from us,  but because of the darkness it was just an allusion.  As we made it to the summit we immediately set up are sleeping bags in the C shaped cove of rocks.  The night ended up being super cold, Martina felt the cold and I felt a slight headache through the night.