Oct 3rd
(Fight BA65 Heathrow 10:25 am to Nairobi Kenya) > (Nairobi to Kilimanjaro) drive to AMEG Lodge Kilimanjaro arrived at 1:24 am
This is a life changing moment right now going to Africa to climb Kili something that I never thought I would be able to do considering my medical background and daily treatment. Definitely, one of my life changing moments (which all of these may have not been great at the time but now, now I have learned so much from them!!), I think I have had a few lol, I would say. One of my life changing moments that really stands out right now is my book that I am working on. This has taught me so much about my life that I would have never reflected on and about amazing people in my life that have pushed me, motivated me, taught me, and Saved Me
So back to today, we woke up in Heathrow. Ladi introduced me to British tea, black pudding, and potato pancakes. Ladi and Martina use to live in London when Ladi attended London School of Economics, graduating with his M.Sc. Operations Research. Then boarded our flight to Nairobi which was on a 747, as Ladi said: “this is kind of monumental the fact that we are on a 747.” You see, roughly once a month a 747 is taken out of use because they are being discontinued.
It was my first time on this kind of plane we sat on the top floor by the flight deck. As we were waiting for stairs To disembark the plane the pilot let us in to take photos. Ladi and I where so surprised and excited! It was cool to see Ladi light up when they invited us in!  Then we ran to get to our next flight had to get our bags then run to our gate. We made it! A quick flight to Kilimanjaro airport where we meet our driver Willy and his Range Rover Defense. Arriving at our final destination, AMEG Lodge for the night (1:24 am). 7:00 am wake up!