Dear Family and Friends:

After two years of hard work I’m excited to let you know that my book, UNTETHER, will be available, Tuesday, May 14, 2019, on Amazon in the eBook or Kindle versions, AND now also in the print version! An Audio version will be available soon, too!  (If you pre-ordered the eBook or Kindle version – thank you so much! It will be auto-delivered.)

You probably already know the UNTETHER story — of how I not only beat being born with a death sentence, I also overcame being told I would be illiterate my whole life.

There were countless days in which I felt like giving up — like I was climbing an endless mountain and couldn’t imagine ever reaching the summit. But with the help of so many wonderful people (like you!), I pushed on, and I’m so grateful I did. Now I want to tell everyone to NEVER GIVE UP.

I would be SO grateful if you ordered a book!  Please click on this link to Amazon: Kindle:  Paperback:

Here are other ways to support UNTETHER:

• Tell your friends and family about UNTETHER. I really want people to know that they can accomplish anything!

• Think about at least three people who would benefit from this book, and then order them a copy as a gift!

• Share about the book on your social media networks. Here’s a photo and a link that can be copied and pasted:

UNTETHER is available TODAY in eBook, Kindle and Print Version.