I woke up quick to some early morning hikers that arrived at sunrise. They were like, “you slept up here?”. I said, “Oh yes, best night sleep” Haha! the view was awesome as Martina said its amazing how these rocks and dirt all around us are so beautiful, so true. We rested for a few more hours then packed up. We were going to wait for Ladi who was coming up that morning, but we were ready to get to some warmth.  On the way down we found Ladi he said, “lets go back up!” in his Czech accent, he was serious. Martina and I joked with him “you sleep good at 11,000 feet in the cozy woods?” we where tired and just wanted to get back home.

After being home for just a few hours I get a call from Ladi I knew what a call at this time of night meant. Ladi when hunting and got a deer and wanted Hamlet, my dog and I to go help tack it. So I filled my backpack up with what I needed and Hamlet and I drove to the trail and started hiking toward the Headlamps up the slope once we got there. I learned the second headlamp was Martina and she was there to  help to track it also. So we put Hamlet on to some of the blood they found and in 15minutes Hamlet lead us to the deer, then we cleaned the deer and headed back to the car. They were happy to have gotten food that will last them some time and I was happy with my dog!!