Day 3 October 6

We woke up, got our vitals (oxygen levels) immediately so that we would have a baseline for the day. Then we ate and started our track up leaving Barranco Camp heading towards Arrow Glacier Camp, which is 15,980 ft. above sea level.

About one hour into the hike we entered Moorland, which was amazing. It was, well …….like Dr. Seuss land, the Skinny. High altitude plants were covered in Spanish Moss. The moss on the ground was so soft and lush that our hands sunk into it about 6 inches. This was the first time we could see Mount Meru (fifth-highest mountain in Africa), which stand at 14,970 ft. above sea level. It was beautiful looking at the mountain and amazing being above the clouds.
Today we also see the Summer End it stood out looking so big and powerful. As quickly as it showed up, it disappeared in the clouds.
After our days climb we felt great arriving at Arrow Glacier Camp (15,980 ft. above sea level). We had a nice dinner and off to my tent.
More to add to our journey.
Good morning, we got a wake up call from all of our porters who were singing and dancing all around our campground. They went through introducing each Porter to the three of us. It’s amazing to see how happy these people are and how they take on this mountain all the time!
After this fun time together we all got our vitals and packed up our stuff and began our track to an elevation that I’ve never hiked to. Today was the first day that I have a little concern just knowing that I was going much higher than I’ve ever hiked to before. As the hike began it was hot and we followed along a roaring river with waterfalls and continued from this Moorland climate to Alpine desert where the plants begin to disappear, it was still fairly warm and comfortable. I looked down at my GPS at the exact moment that I reached the highest altitude I’ve ever been to 14,439 feet (Mount Elbert Colorado) this was pretty exciting. The rest of today and tomorrow would be new experiences and a little concerning, but so excited! As soon as the clouds rolled in and we continued deeper into the alpine desert the temperature dropped quickly and soon we where in a misty cloud and all you could see were the rocks around you.
We took it slow and steady today, just focused on breathing to keep our O2 levels high as we reached camp. Ladi was up on a rock Cliff yelling down to us “Kumbaya”, (It means no worries). Martina, Simon and I had a good laugh about him up there. We ended up doing my medical treatment as soon as we arrived before it got too cold. All went well now just eating dinner, then off to my sleeping bag and getting up early (4:00 am) to head up the mountain, to the SUMMIT!