Day 1 UP KILI.            Oct 4th 2018 
The start!! Today we left our hotel and headed up to the park entrance and as we arrived we met our team of Porters and Chef Kiplet. 
Simon our guide informed us as to why we had to wait for a permit that was coming from town. The permit was for us to do Western Bridge on Summit day. Then we started heading up, it was through the rain forest all day.  As we got higher the trees became more dense. 
The flowers here seem so vibrant against the dark green background. As we reached Umbwe Cave  Camp, for the night, the valley opened up, 
It was beautiful. 
On the way up I had a bad stomach ache, not good for the first day. I was a little upset about this.  
So as soon as we got to the camp I decided to do my treatment, this would be the first for me!
 I decided to do my treatment in my tent.  I tied my 500 mL medical bag to the top of my tent and filled myself up while laying down in my sleeping bag. 
Then I had to pump my bag in order for the fluid to go in me, but it worked perfect and my stomach ache was gone. 
Next we got our vitals for the night and dinner then off to bed with the wild monkeys.