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Hi! I’m JT Mestdagh, and I’m on a mission!

First, though…


I’m a motivator, an encourager, a fixer, a can-do kind of guy. (I’m also kind of a jokester — one of my nicknames is Jester!)

I believe faith and attitude are EVERYTHING!

I want to share my story so people who feel alone or discouraged might feel, well, less alone and more confident!


I LOVE being in nature — I feel closer to God there. It allows me to escape my challenges and lets me feel normal and happy!

– JT Mestdagh

This Fall
I’m climbing Mount Kilimanjaro!

This fall

I’m climbing Mount Kilimanjaro!

I’m climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro this fall and I hope you can follow my journey to the top of Africa on my blog. See what else is yet to come.


Explore the beauty of nature with me.

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Day 4, October 7

Day 4, October 7 “JT for summit day in the book you need a title right?”, “Yes, Ladi” “How about Throwing Up With a Smile?” Let’s jump back to the start of the day with our 4:00 am wake-up call, vitals, some food and go over the route with our team. We were leaving...

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Day 3 Kilimanjaro – October 6

Day 3 October 6 We woke up, got our vitals (oxygen levels) immediately so that we would have a baseline for the day. Then we ate and started our track up leaving Barranco Camp heading towards Arrow Glacier Camp, which is 15,980 ft. above sea level. About...

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A Bit from My Book

An Expert from my Book I’m writing.
The pain you feel today is the strength you feel tomorrow. — Anonymous

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Day 2 Kilimanjaro – October 5

Day 2 October 5 We left Umbwa Cave Camp and followed the Umbwa Route. Umbwa Route is widely regarded as the hardest trail on Killi, a tough vertical slog through the jungle, in places using the tree roots as makeshift rungs on a ladder. We pushed to Barranco Camp for...

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Day 1 Up Kilimanjaro

The start!! Today we left our hotel and headed up to the park entrance and as we arrived we met our team of Porters and Chef Kiplet. 

Simon our guide informed us as to why we had to wait for a permit that was coming from town. The permit was for us to do Western Bridge on Summit day. Then we started heading up, it was through the rain forest all day.  As we got higher the trees became more dense. 

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Day Two Travel to Target Location

Oct 3rd   (Fight BA65 Heathrow 10:25 am to Nairobi Kenya) > (Nairobi to Kilimanjaro) drive to AMEG Lodge Kilimanjaro arrived at 1:24 am   This is a life changing moment right now going to Africa to climb Kili something that I never thought I would be able to do...

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